Open Christmas market in Strasburg

Language Fellows takes you Christmas shopping at the open market in Strasburg.

Open Christmas market in France, what is it?

Many cities host in their hearts, colorful and illuminated open markets where hot wine, candies, santons, and Christmas decorations coexist. French people go there to buy their last minute’s gifts and traditional ingredients that they will use when composing their gastronomic Chrismas eve’s meal.

The tradition of the Christmas open markets finds its origin from Germany and Alsace.The first traces of the Christmas markets date back to the 14th century in Germany and Alsace, under the name “Marché de Saint Nicolas.” In Strasburg, it started in 1570. In the 19th century, it was held during the 8 days before Christmas up until the midnight mass.

In the mid-1990s, the movement expanded to many cities in Europe. They now have established their own Christmas markets with pavilions and sometimes attractions.

Strasbourg where is it in France?

It is located in the north-east part of France, in the vines and storks region of Alsace! The Christmas market dwells around its prestigious Cathedral. With about 300 pavilions spread over a dozen sites in the heart of the old city, it is one of the largest Christmas markets in Europe. In 2016, Strasbourg welcomes Portugal, from which you can discover all the charms, at the Portuguese Village.



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